23 February 2006

Episode 2: Dewi Lestari and OUT OF SHELL

In this episode of New Music from Indonesia by Djarum, Jason interviews bestselling author and singer Dewi Lestari. Dewi talks about her books and debut solo album, OUT OF SHELL. This episode is 13 minutes 58 seconds long and is a 8.1 MB download. Next week Jason speaks with Rudolf Dethu about the thriving music scene in Bali.


Indi said...


It's such a wonderful thing to hear the two sisters on two different podcasts.

Check out www.mymocca.com for Dee's little sister, Arina, second podcast episodes together her Mocca fellows.

28/4/06 14:50  
Anonymous said...

what a woman....
what... a... woman!

16/5/06 11:58  

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