Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo
Backing vocals, keyboards
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ May 26, 1972


Andra Junaidi
Date of Birth
June 17, 1972

Setyo Nugroho (Tyo Nugros)
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ December 21, 1970
Elfonda Mekel (Once)
Date of Birth
May 21, 1970
Yuke Sampurna
Place/Date of Birth
Bandung/ June 19, 1968


The second coming of DEWA proved a righteous one in the year 2000. The group dropped from its name the 19, the age at which they all began, and also the lead singer due to drug problems. The band was down to four members, with Once now on vocals and Tyo now on drums, and the sound moved in a decidedly more pop direction.

The strategy paid off and "Bintang Lima" went on to sell nearly two million copies, making it their best-selling record ever. With nearly every song a hit single, fans still scream for the band to play tracks from the album at its live shows more than six years after it was released. The album solidified DEWA's status as one of Indonesia's most successful acts and earned the band regional fame as well. After four albums with this platinum lineup, the band has again changed its name and, in 2006, released a new album on an international label as Dewa 19.


• Album "Republik Cinta"
(EMI Indonesia, 2006)

• Album "Laskar Cinta"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2004)

• Album "Atas Nama Cinta I & II"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2004)

• Album "Cintailah Cinta"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2002)

• Album "Bintang Lima"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2000)

Bintang Lima

1. Mukadimah
2. Roman Picisan
3. Dua Sedjoli
4. Risalah Hati
5. Separuh Nafas
6. Cemburu
7. Hidup Adalah Perjuangan
8. Lagu Cinta
9. Cinta Adalah Misteri
10. Sayap-Sayap Patah
10. 1000 Bintang