I Dewa Gede Budjana
Place/Date of Birth
Klungkung/ August 30, 1963
Keith Jarret, Alex de Grassi, Bill Evans, Bill Frissell, Jan Garbarek
Dewa Budjana

Like many other guitarists in the world, I Dewa Gede Budjana did not really have a formal education in music, except for a few years of classical guitar lessons when he was in high school. The Balinese native was not born into a family of professional musicians (his father was a prosecutor) though his grandparents played traditional gamelan music in their spare time.

His first teacher was a construction worker who lived nearby in Klungkung regency, Bali. The passion grew stronger and was nurtured when the boy moved to Surabaya, where he took a classical music course, performed with a band and took part in dozens of music performances.

Initially into pop and rock, his style veered heavily into jazz as he got to know the likes of John McLaughlin, Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, John Abercrombie, Chick Corea and Weather Report. He established a jazz band called Squirrel and in 1984 the band won an award at the prestigious Light Music Contest. After graduation, he went to Jakarta to pursue a career as a professional musician. He came across jazz maestro Jack Lesmana, the late father of jazz whiz kid Indra Lesmana who taught BUDJANA the philosophy of jazz.

After a series of club performances he joined several bands, including Spirit and Java Jazz, and worked for noted musicians like Erwin Gutawa, Elfa Secioria and Addie MS. Then, in 1994, along with guitarist Baron Arafat, bassist Thomas Ramdhan, drummer Ronald and singer Armand Maulana, he formed Gigi. The pop group is still one of the biggest in the country.


• Album "Home"
(SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia,

• Album "Samsara"
(SONY Music Entertainment Indonesia,

• Album "Nusa Damai"
(Re-release, Chico & Ira Productions,

• Album "Gitarku"
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Nusa Damai
1. Bermain
2. Kromatiklagi
3. Bunga yang Hilang
4. Lalu Lintas
5. 9 Januari
6. Ruang Dialisis
7. Wanita - Treggono
8. Katmandu
9. Twang Twang Twang
10. Nusa Damai