Dewi Lestari (Dee)
Place/ Date of Birth
Bandung/ January 20, 1976
Tears for Fears, Indigo Girls, Sarah McLachlan, Paula Cole


dewi lestari

Finding enough outlets for her creative urges must be the toughest challenge facing this native of Bandung, West Java. In 1993, she began singing backup vocals for some of the country's best-known musicians before forming the Rida, Sita, Dewi group in 1995. While the group found success, Dee shot to superstardom when she put her pen to paper and published the first of her "Supernova" novels in 2001.

Since becoming one of the country's most successful writers, her attention has again turned to music. Her first solo album in 2006 has been in the works for nine years and features a collection of upbeat ballads sung in English. "This album is a reflection of who I really am," says Lestari, who uses Dee as her pen name. Of the eight songs, It's Me stands out as a song from the heart and one that may be exploring the conundrum of who she really is - mother of one, best-selling author, rising pop star. Fortunately she is not expected to have to choose one. As we witness her emergence "Out of Shell," another creative gem is certainly in the making, though what form it will take is anybody's guess.


• Album "Out of Shell"
(True Music Indonesia, 2006)

• Album "The Best of RSD"
Rida, Sita, Dewi
(Sony Music Indonesia, 2002)

• Album "Satu"
Rida, Sita, Dewi
(Sony Music Indonesia, 1999)

• Album "Bertiga"
Rida, Sita, Dewi
(Warna Musik, 1997)

• Album "Antara Kita"
Rida, Sita, Dewi
(Warna Musik, 1995)

Out of Shell

1. Water Song
2. Simply
3. Uncommon
4. Plastic Cup
5. Fire and Ice (Kala Malam)
6. The End
7. Out of Shell
8. It's Me