Riri Rachman (DJ Riri)
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ February 20, 1974
DJ Riri

This debut outing by one of Jakarta’s best-known djs is either the strong beginning of a new career making music or the pinnacle of Riri Rachman’s days on the club scene. Either way it’s a welcome addition to the dance music scene that is slowly evolving into a vibrant culture in the Indonesian capital. “Stereo Mestica” was released on Riri’s own label, Spinach Records, but the fact that major label Aquarius took on distribution shows how the music industry is finally waking up to the talents, and mass appeal, of homegrown spin doctors. The 10 original tracks feature some beautiful female vocals over a light techno beat that is sure to fill any groove from dusk til dawn.


• Album Collaboration
"Keluar Malam"
(Spinach Records, 2007)

• Album "Stereo Mestica"
(Spinach Records, 2006)

Keluar Malam

  1. Rusty Guitar
  2. Cloudseven
  3. Ace
  4. Supersoul
  5. Supernova
  6. Cloudseven
  7. Fakapdub
  8. Firstkiss
  9. Missmybliss
  10. Switch
Stereo Mestica

  1. True Dimension
  2. Essential High (Innerlight Remix)
  3. Fade Away
  4. Endless Rue
  5. Necessity for Knowledge of Random Inaccuracies
  6. Black Jack
  7. First Kiss 2006
  8. Fade Away (Fitalic Remix)