Abdul Gafar Abdullah
(Ebiet G. Ade)

Place/ Date of Birth
Wonodadi/ April 21, 1955
Ebiet G. Ade

This singer is more often compared to a poet than a musician, though EBIET G. ADE seems to have equal appeal among Indonesian men and women. Beat-up tapes of his songs can be found in thousands of taxis and warung (food stalls) as if a collection of Indonesian music would be incomplete without him.

Like Gordon Lightfoot, Al Stewart or Christopher Cross, this Javanese favorite captured a mood of the 1970s, not to mention millions of hearts. Though he disappeared from the music scene for years, he came back with an album in 1996. Music from "Kupu-Kupu Kertas" (Paper Butterflies) is included among the classics on "Best of the Best." But as is the case with most of his peers like Broery and Chrisye, the early classics will always b e the most in demand by those in need of nostalgia and memories of a bygone era.


• Album "Best of the Best"
(Musica Studio's, 2004)

• Album "Renungan Hati"
(Musica Studio's, 2003)

• Album "Nyanyian Cinta"
(Musica Studio's, 2003)

• Album "Balada Country"
(Musica Studio's, 2002)

• Album "Bahasa Langit"
(BMG Records, 2001)

• Album "Balada Rintihan Cinta"
(BMG Records, 2000)

• Album "Aku Ingin Pulang"
(Musica Studio's, 1996)

• Album "Kupu-Kupu Kertas"
(BMG Records, 1995)

• Album "Seraut Wajah"
(Musica Studio's, 1990)

• Album "Perjalanan"
(Nirwana/EGA Records, 1988)

• Album "Langkah Berikutnya"
(Jackson Records, 1982)

• Album "Camelia"
(Jackson Records, 1979)

Best of the Best

  1. Berita kepada Kawan
  2. Lagu Untuk Sebuah Nama
  3. Masih Ada Waktu
  4. Seraut Wajah
  5. Nyanyian Rindu
  6. Titip Rindu Buat Ayah
  7. Untuk Kita Renungkan
  8. Elegi Esok Pagi
  9. Menjaring Matahari
  10. Rembulan Menangis
  11. Kalian Dengarkah
  12. Camelia II
  13. Cinta Sebening Embun
  14. Kupu-Kupu Kertas
  15. Aku Ingin Pulang