Ermy Kulit

Ermy Kulit

Indonesian Salena Jones, Ermy Kullit, is still spreading her wings. This end of August, she released her latest album “Di Hatiku”. Supported by Yopie Item, this album consists of 10 songs, 5 of them are already well known. This would be her 21st album since she entered the Indonesian jazz scene. Ermy claims that she is delighted to see Indonesian Jazz’s rapid development, with lots of jazz festivals being held in Indonesia’s big cities. Saying that senior jazz musicians, such as her, are still glowing in those festivals. She made a lot of performances in hotel pubs and nights clubs before she teams up with Ireng Maulana on 1983 and recorded Bossas album. Her famous tunes were “Kasih” and “Pasrah”. Ermy’s voice reminds people of American jazz legend, Salena Jones, who is widely known for her hits such as “Sentimental Journey”, “Summertime on Venice” and also “April In Paris”.


• Album "Di Hatiku"
(Platinum Records, 2007)

Di Hatiku
  1. Kemana
  2. Sesal
  3. Bila Angin Kan Mendengar
  4. Masih Ada
  5. Yang Ada Di Hatiku (Kau)
  6. Citra
  7. Disini
  8. Aku Ini Punya Siapa
  9. Hasrat
  10. Keraguan