Fajar Nuswantoro
Guitars, Executive Producer
F Mayor

Formed as a duo of Fajar Nuswantoro (Guitars) and Farlansyah (Vocals), F Mayor contributes their rich blend between pop, rock and electronic music, to the Indonesian music scene. With their debut album Mulai Terbang (Starting to Fly) they shout out their message about supporting the free education to the world...surely an important one that should be listened to as well as the music itself. Their fusion of pop music with electronica sensibilities has shown the way for many musicians on how to make music with a mission.


• Album "Mulai Terbang"
(Self Records, 2007)

Mulai Terbang
  1. Izinkan Aku
  2. Tolong
  3. Tak Beranjak
  4. Aku Bodoh 1
  5. Aku Bodoh 2
  6. Mau Tak Mampu
  7. Sepi
  8. Melayang
  9. Maju Terus
  10. Sudahlah