Alia Jovilia Latief (Jovie)
Place/Date of Birth
Ambon/ September 1981

Rinnie "Lulu" Pramuji (Rini)
Place/Date of Birth
Bandung/ April 1983
Yohannes Abraham Samuel Kesaulya (Ivan)
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ August, 1982
Doni Wahyudi
Place/Date of Birth
Medan/ August, 1984

GROGIE is a creative pop group formed in March 2006. The four member group consists of Alia Jovilia Latief (Jovi), Rinnie Pramuji (Rinnie/Lulu), Yohanes Abraham Samuel Kesaulya (Ivan) and Doni Wahyudi (Doni). They are all talented singers with series of musical achievements on their own before they were put together as GROGIE, under Contoh Management.

In their self titled debut album, GROGIE rearranged a popular song from the 80s, “Mungkinkah Terjadi” with a new spectacular vocal composition. Also in this album, a latino spiced song “Sampai Akhir” and a quirky number, “Selingkuh Balas Selingkuh”.

GROGIE’s debut album includes many distinguished musicians such as : Georgy Lewakabessy, Dewi Rae, Bongky BIP, Doddy Katamsi, Emil Bias, DJ Sumantri and Nyonk Rayen.



• Album "Grogie"
(Catz Records, 2007)


  1. Sampai akhir
  2. Mungkinkah terjadi
  3. Selingkuh balas selingkuh
  4. Indah cinta
  5. Happy Birthday
  6. Jawaban Rindu
  7. Seperti Bintang
  8. Aku Benci Akui Itu Kamu
  9. Mengerti Itu cinta
  10. Terlalu Indah