Carlo Saba
Place/ Date of Birth
Bandung/ January 5


Mario Ginanjar
Place/ Date of Birth
Bandung/ March 11

  Hedi Yunus
Place/ Date of Birth
Bandung/ August 24, 1968
  Yovie Widianto
Music director, keyboards, piano
Place/ Date of Birth
January 21, 1968
  D. Bambang Purwono
Place/ Date of Birth
Sukabumi/ November 17
  Andrie Bayuajie
Place/ Date of Birth
Bandung/ August 23
  Dody Isnaini
Place/ Date of Birth
Jember/ October 21
  Budiana Nugraha
Place/Date of Birth
Bandung/ December 1
  Harry Suhardiman
Place/Date of Birth
Jayapura/ November 2, 1970

The band's fifth album maintains the romantic touch that made it famous in the 1990s. With age, however, comes inevitable contact with the bitterness of breakups and age-old questions of fate and finality. "Cinta Sudah Lewat" (After the Love) reflects that maturity process, with songs delving into themes of loneliness, betrayal and broken promises. Still, the band manages to keep the music uplifting while raising questions of how to keep that love alive when the fire below begins to fizzle. A new, third vocalist on their 2003 release adds texture to simple string arrangements and a hummability that has made this one of the most enduring bands in the country.


• Album "Cinta Sudah Lewat"
(Musica Studio's, 2003)

• Album "The Best of Kahitna"
(Musica Studio's, 2002)

• Album "Permaisuriku"
(Musica Studio's, 1999)

• Album "Sampai Nanti"
(Musica Studio's, 1998)

• Album "Cantik"
(Musica Studio's, 1997)

• Album "Cerita Cinta"
(Musica Studio's, 1997)

Cinta Sudah Lewat
1. Cinta Sudah Lewat
2. Tentang Diriku
3. Tak Mampu Mendua
4. Jadi Saja
5. Bumi Indonesia
6. Belum Ada Janji
7. Menikahimu
8. Pasadena (Instrumental)
9. Terima Kasih Cinta
10. Takkan Satu
11. Dunia Lain Untukmu
12. Takkan Terganti