Meliana Goeslaw Hoed (Melly)
Vocals, music director
Place/Date of Birth
Jakarta/ January 7, 1974

The name may be a common one in Indonesia but the voice of MELLY is definitely distinct. This prolific artist has been an established force in the industry since the 1990s, when she and her husband, Anto Hoed, formed the group Potret. Though now into her 30s, the singer's music has become synonymous with teenage angst and excitement through her soundtracks to several of the biggest grossing teen flicks in Indonesian history.

Her solo work continues to earn critical praise for its exploration into the ambiguous and intricate nature of life. Her self-titled album of 1999 deals with feminine themes and finds MELLY exploring the feelings of women in Bumi Ini (or This Earth). In the hit single she teams up once again with Ari Lasso for a melancholy look at love between two people from different sides of the track. The rest of the album moves from rock and alternative to R&B, proving why this unique talent appeals to such a wide spectrum of listeners.


• Soundtrack "Apa Artinya Cinta," 2005

• Album "Intuisi"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2005)

• Soundtrack "Eiffel I'm In Love," 2004

• Album "Positve + positive"
(Recorded with Potret, 2003)

• Soundtrack "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta,"

• Album "From Dawn to Beyond"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 2001)

• Album "Melly"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1999)

• Album "Café"
(Recorded with Potret, 1998)

• Album "II"
(Recorded with Potret, 1998)

• Album "Potret"
(Aquarius Musikindo, 1996)

1. Ingin Sendiri Dulu
2. Bumi Ini
3. 2 Insan
4. Jika
5. Menghitung Hari
6. Tak Laku
7. Tak Apa
8. 3 Cinta
9. Tepi Sungai yang Kering
10. Kupu-Kupu