Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus (Opick)
Place/Date of Birth
Jember/ March 16, 1974

For this rocker from Central Java, the seventh time is the charm. After six albums and 15 years, OPICK finally hit his stride in 2006 with “Istighfar,” a religious album that went double platinum (300,000 copies) within months after its release. Most cross-over artists would go the other way, mining a lucrative teen market with pop songs or love ballads. OPICK did the reverse and has now found himself starring in a multi-vitamin ad and scoring the theme song to a local sinetron. The first single Tombo Ati has become a favorite during the fasting month and the former rocker has also penned a song with Ustadt Jefri Buchori, a young televangelist wildly popular with the kids. With success like this it won’t be long before others wallowing in relative pop obscurity find their true calling as well.


• Album "Semesta Bertasbih "
(Nadahijrah-Forte Records, 2006)

• Album "Istighfar "
(Nadahijrah-Forte Records, 2005)

Semesta Bertasbih

  1. Taqwa
  2. Irhamma
  3. Takdir Featuring Melly Goeslaw
  4. Teranglah Hati Featuring Pandawa Lima
  5. 25 Nabi
  6. Semesta Bertasbih
  7. Bismillah
  8. Satu Rindu Featuring Amanda
  9. Buka Mata Buka Hati
  10. Ya Rasul Featuring Wafiq Azizah


  1. Astaghfirullah (Istighfar)
  2. Alhamdulillah
  3. Kesaksian Diri
  4. Ya Robbana
  5. Allah Maha Besar
  6. Shalawat Nabi
  7. Kembali Pada Allah
  8. Cukup Bagiku
  9. Bila Waktu Tlah Berakhir
  10. Tombo Ati