28 January 2008

Episode 100: Last Episode of Audio Podcast with Adrian Adioetomo

In this 100th and last episode of season 4, ‘young blues man’ Adrian Adioetomo describes his love for delta blues, a sub-genre born in the Mississippi delta in the late 1920s. His debut album Delta Indonesia, on which Adrian plays a 1931 National Duolian as well as a 1932 Woodbody Dobro resonator guitar was recorded so to exactly produce the sound of the delta blues as it was heard in the 1930s. This episode features Adrian’s favorite songs, 'Blues Iblis' and 'Tegangan Tinggi' (high voltage) as well as a ‘live for this podcast only’ version of ‘Telegram’! Very different indeed! In this episode Lens, Aghi and all of the Equinox DMD staff would like to say big thanks to Djarum for sponsoring us for the audio podcast, we sure hope to see you again for the new season, new format of video podcast soon!! 17:10 9.3 MB

21 January 2008

Episode 99: Cindy Bernadette

For this episode Aghi and Lens dress up to meet with friendly Bandung diva Cindy Bernadette in one of Jakarta’s finest hotels. Cindy explains how her previous problems with a major record label made her sign with an indie label to finally release her 2nd album ‘Wish No.1’. For this album Cindy wrote most songs herself and the result is a catchy mix of pop, soul and R&B with influences from artists such as Mary J. Blige, Maxwell and Sade. She also talks about her musical journey started from her schooldays back in New York and other stuff. From Wish No.1 we play Cindy’s favorite song 'Thankful' as well as the upbeat one 'Brand New Day'. 18:22 10.3 MB

14 January 2008

Episode 98: Sherina Munaf

In this episode Aghi and Lens talk to the multi-talented, former child singer and actress, Sherina Munaf (who is still only 17 years young) about the release of her impressive 4th album 'Primadona' for which she wrote and composed most of the songs herself. Listen also to Sherina reveals her star sign, her musical influences, and her dreams to be a music composer for film. Basically, ‘Sherina’s got everything’ and that’s it! This episode features Sherina’s favorite song, ‘Primadona’ as well as beautiful ‘Better than Love’. . ‘Sherina’s got everything’ and that’s it! 18:26 11 MB

07 January 2008

Episode 97: Rekti from The S.I.G.I.T

In a small roadside café on a busy street in his hometown Bandung, vocalist Rekti talks to Lens and Aghi about his band The S.I.G.I.T (The Super Insurgent Group of Intemperance Talent), hailed by many as the most electric hard ‘rock and roll’ boogaloo groups to emerge from Indonesia for years. Rekti explains his band’s love for 60s and 70s rock, the deeper meanings of some of his lyrics, their tour in Australia and his dream to play in New York one day. From their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Visible Idea of Perfection’ we play ‘Let It Go’ and the pumping ‘Clove Doper’. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to rock with The S.I.G.I.T!!!!! 17:00 9.4 MB

31 December 2007

Episode 96: Trisnoise from PAS

For this episode, Aghi and Lens took the train to Bandung to meet up with Trisnoise, bass player of the legendary ‘Pas Band’ (since 1990). The outspoken Trisnoise speaks about staying true to your roots and lashes out at bands that ‘sell out’ to major labels. Most focus, however, is on their ‘The Beast of PAS’ album (their 7th) and Trisnoise uses some of their many great songs to talk us through the band’s long and interesting history. This podcast also features Trisnoise’s personal favorite ‘Impresi' as well as ‘Anak Kali Sekarang’. These ‘dirty old rockers’ deserve the biggest possible audience so don’t hesitate and check them out! 17:03 9.2 MB

24 December 2007

Episode 95: Ireng Maulana Christmas Special Podcast

For this special Christmas episode we invited Ireng Maulana, Indonesian jazz legend, guitarist, producer and founder of both the Ireng Maulana All Stars and the internationally acclaimed Jakarta Jazz (Jak Jazz) Festival. Ireng gladly tells Lens and Aghi about his long and interesting music career that started in the early 60s in New York, and continues until today. From his Christmas album "Christmas Wishes For Jazz Lovers" ,a collaboration of many well known Indonesian jazz artists, we feature 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and Ireng’s own favorite "Blue Christmas" . Ireng Maulana, Aghi and Lens wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2008! 19:42 10.6 MB

17 December 2007

Episode 94: Iyo and Adi from Pure Saturday

For this episode we traveled to Bandung to meet up with Pure Saturday, pioneers of the local indie scene and an inspiration for many Indonesian bands since 1994. Former manager, now singer, Iyo talks about being in the music business for over 10 years, his favorite songs and why it was time to release their best of album ‘Time for a Change, Time to Move on’. This episode features their breakthrough single ‘Kosong' (empty) as well as 'Spoken', 1 of the 2 new songs on the album. Despite the title of their ‘best of’ album, Iyo promised me there is still much more to come from Pure Saturday. Great! Because this is a very special band! 16:23 8.9 MB

10 December 2007

Episode 93: Dua

In this episode, Lona, accompanied by 3 other members from ‘sweet’ pop band Dua (two) talks about why being a duo didn’t plan out to be and why she feels much better with a full band behind her. The main focus is of course on the romantic debut album ‘Tentang Kita’ and Lona tries to describe each of the songs in one word. We feature the band’s favorite song 'Tentang Kita' , their hit single 'Kau' and some live singing of 'Kau' with vocal support of the rest of Dua. Interesting (and ambitious) young band, interesting pod cast! 16:44 9.07 MB.

03 December 2007

Episode 92: Senyawa

In this episode, Popo, keyboardist for Malang (East Java) band Senyawa, accompanied by the other band members, joins Lens and Aghi in our studio to explain the band’s move to Jakarta as well as the sudden departure of 2 of the band members, their decision to change the album cover and other stuff. Anyway, Senyawa (including his guest vocalist and girlfriend Alena) managed to produce a wonderful pop rock album called Sepenuh Hati (Full of Heart) and they talk about it with passion. We feature 1st single "Gerimis" a song featuring Alena and ‘the song the band are most proud of "Narsis". 17:32 10.1 MB

26 November 2007

Episode 91: J-Rocks

In the noisiest episode so far we let all the members of pop rock formation J-Rocks talk about their love for Japan, and in particular Japanese music and fashion and the release of their second album ‘Spirit’. They also explain why they went all the way to the land of the rising sun (bringing some of their fans too!), simply to shoot a video for "Juwita Hati", a song that is featured in this pod cast as well as their 1st single "Kau Curi Lagi". Although J-Rocks’ combination of good-looks and catchy tunes make them especially popular with the younger female audiences around Indonesia, they are very serious about making better music and eventually going international. Aghi and I wish them all the success in the world! 16:36 9.4MB

19 November 2007

Episode 90: Hogi from Agrikulture

Our guest in this episode is DJ Hogi from electro pop band Agrikulture, one of Jakarta’s most dynamic live acts and the envy of many of their peers after sharing a stage with Beastie Boys and Prodigy. In this interview Hogi mostly talks about their debut album Dawai Damai, and also a special review by Hogi of Kompor Meledug, a remake of a song by the late Benjamin S. , one of Indonesia’s most loved comedians . The podcast features 1st single ‘Gosip’ as well as the beautiful ‘New Day’ (with Tika on vocals!). 19:30 10.6 MB

12 November 2007

Episode 89: VOX Album Review Podcast

In this podcast Aghi is finally given the microphone to talk about his favorite band at the moment, Surabaya folk rock quartet Vox and their fantastic debut album Pada Awalnya (At the Beginning) from Aksara Records. Since they started in 2006, Vox have quickly established themselves as one of the ‘best to watch’ live acts on the Indonesian stages and luckily they have managed to keep the same energy on the album. Aghi also reviews the title track "Pada Awalnya" and "My Baby Blue" while Lens admits why he likes last song on the album "Surabaya No 1" so much. 16:47, 9.2 MB

05 November 2007

Episode 88: Bounty and Lutfi from Purgatory

In this episode we introduce Bone and Lutfi from Purgatory, a heavy metal band from Jakarta who just released their debut album “Beauty Lies Beneath”. Listen to them explain the deep meanings behind their lyrics as well as hear a few interesting stories about their long journey through Jakarta’s music scene. We also feature two songs "Downfall" and "55:13" so turn up the volume and start banging your head! 17:18, 9.6 MB.

29 October 2007

Episode 87: DJ Riri Special Podcast

In this episode, Aghi and Lens sit down in a quiet corner of a busy pub in South Jakarta called Eastern Promise, to interview one of the busiest, and one of the most famous DJs in Indonesia, DJ Riri, to talk about his musical background, his award winning album and his current and future projects in the dance music scene. We feature 2 songs "Fade Away" and "Endless Rue"...so start spinnin' and play the music, Mr. DJ! 16:53, 9.2 MB

22 October 2007

Episode 86: Eka Annash from The Brandals about Brandalisme

The Brandals are back! In this episode vocalist Eka Annash is unstoppable on Aghi’s new leather sofa when he speaks about The Brandals’ latest (3rd) album. Yes, ‘Brandalisme’ has it all; catchy melodies built around great guitar riffs with a sniff of psychadelica, some surf sounds, rockabilly, a Hammond organ and even trumpets. He also talks about their crazy plan to launch their album at a prison. We feature three songs: "100% Kontrol", "Is It You Girl" and "Janji 100 Hari" 19:48, 11MB.

15 October 2007

Episode 85: Fajar Nuswantoro from F Mayor

In this episode, Fajar Nuswantoro - musician, teacher and other half of Jakarta pop duo F-Mayor - explains passionately why their debut album "Mulai Terbang" promotes free education for everybody. We feature three songs ("Izinkan Aku", "Tolong" and "Tak Beranjak"), and Fajar also speaks up about other problems facing Indonesia and questions the competence of Indonesian politicians. Tune in to hear some insightful views on deep topics from a worried young musician. 17:28, 9.2 MB

08 October 2007

Episode 84: Denny Zulkarnaen from Lipgloss

Lipgloss guitarist Denny Zulkarnaen joins Lens and Aghi in the studio to talk about his band’s struggle to record their hot debut album Asa (hope). The band’s change in vocalists and the death of a family member during the recordings largely influenced the album’s lyrics of despair. Denny also takes his time to carefully explain the meaning behind the 3 featured songs in the episode, "Di Atas Namamu", "Bagi Yang Tertinggal" and Lens’ personal favorite and
award winning song “Mereka Sebut Timur" 19:38, 10.7 MB

01 October 2007

Episode 83: Indra Prasta from theRain

In this episode, Indra Prasta, lead singer of popular Yogyakarta pop band The Rain talks virtually non-stop and with a good sense of humor about how some event organizers are afraid to book them because it often rains during their live gigs, why their friends told the band not to name themselves “No Rain” and why they hardly sell any albums in the places they are most popular. Of course we also talk their latest album "Serenade", an album full of honest 90s pop rock. Three songs are featured as well: “Dan Biar Esok Menjadi Misteri", "Persimpangan" , and their biggest hit "Dengar Bisikku" 19:07, 10.5MB.

24 September 2007

Episode 82: Andy and Ghamta from Sheath

This week Lens and Aghi meet with Andy and Ghamta from Sheath, one of the hottest alternative pop bands from Bandung, to talk about their recently-released iTunes-exclusive album “Temporary Happiness”. Tune in to hear some insider stories about their songs and some surprises that came up in the Yes/No game. Aghi features two songs “It’s Not Goodbye" and "Surgeon of Pleasant Dream". 15:57, 8.8MB.

17 September 2007

Episode 81: Producer David Tarigan about Mesin Waktu

One of the VIPs in Indonesia’s music industry, a music producer, a representative of the Indie music scene, a talented musician, a record collector...you name it, David Tarigan’s the man. This week David joins Lens and Aghi in the studio to talk about the newly-released compilation album, Mesin Waktu, a tribute for the band Naif. We feature three songs: "Mobil Balap" by The Brandals, "Nanar" by The Monopohones, and "Hidup Itu Indah" by SORE . 17:47, 9.9MB.

10 September 2007

Episode 80: Video Director Anggun Priambodo Special Podcast

In this episode we interview no musicians or band member..instead we talk to Anggun Priambodo, one of Indonesia ’s youngest and most productive music video makers. With already 60 videos to his credit (including videos for Peter Pan, The Adams and Goodnight Electric) it is interesting to hear him talk serious about his reasons for making videos, where he gets his ideas from, the video he’s most proud of and 3 of his videos and the songs by Pure Saturday, Lain and Goodnight Electric. Less serious matters, such as why he collects squid dolls are also explained. 17:40. 10MB.

03 September 2007

Episode 79: Ale from The Adams

In this episode we talk to Ale, guitarist of one of Jakarta's most popular teenage bands The Adams. Although the main focus is on their latest (2nd) album V2.05 full of catchy pop rock tunes with beautiful 'Beach Boys' vocal harmonies, we also learn that The Adams like to go for long 'therapeutic' walks and their crazy guitar player who performed wearing nothing but leaves...something girls would be screaming for.
This episode also features 3 Adams' songs, including their biggest hit to date 'Halo Beni', a song about their
former bass player, Beni (??). 18:01, 9.7MB.

27 August 2007

Episode 78: Maria and Aroel from Stereomantic

In this episode we talk to Stereomantic duo Maria and Aroel about how they met, their shared love for the Carpenters, Maria's soon to be published poetry as well as her love for bright coloured wigs and Aroel's side job as a male model and a house DJ. But of course, most focus is on their newly released self-titled debut album and their songwriting process. The show also features 3 of their songs including their biggest hit to date 'Takut'. 18:45, 10.44MB.

20 August 2007

Episode 77: Gary Gray from Hallo Mister

This week Lens interviews Gary Gray, the motor behind Hallo Mister, the only all-expat band in Indonesia. Gary talks about how their love for Indonesia inspires them in creating their music. Listen to some crazy tips from Gary on how bands can sell more CDs while playing gigs in bars and clubs. We feature 3 songs from their recently-released debut album "It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This". 17:10, 9.2MB.

13 August 2007

Episode 76: Zeke Khaseli from Zeke and The Popo

In this episode Lens and Aghi talk to Zeke from Zeke and the Popo (ZATPP), a spacey, psychedelic analog band, unique for using lots of own visuals during live performance. Aside from his successful band, LAIN, Zeke tries to take ZATPP to the much wider audiences. Zeke talks about the new album as well as his time in Seattle where he studied with Duff McKagen (Guns&Roses), his love for film and writing lyrics, going to strip clubs transcend him to be more than just a mere maker of novelty songs. Lens played the new retouched big hit "Mighty Love" and their first single "Professor Komodo." 16:43, 9MB.

06 August 2007

Episode 75: Henry Foundation from Goodnight Electric

Welcome to the new Season Four of New Music from Indonesia by Djarum podcast with our new hosts Lens and Aghi. Kicking off the new season with bang, they interviewed Henry Foundation of the highly acclaimed electronic band Goodnight Electric. Listen up for the newly added features and animated questions from the hosts as they discuss the inside story of Goodnight Electric's journey to success. Lens plays the biggest hit, "Am I Robot?" from their first album and two new songs from their new album, "Electroduce Yourself". Check it out and let us know what you think! 19:48, 10.3 MB

30 July 2007

Episode 74: Classic Rock Special and Jason sign-off

The genre that has the greatest staying power in Indonesia isn't gamelan or keroncong, it is Classic Rock. In this episode we feature three artists that keep it alive and kicking: The Wheels with "Gadis Malam", Orphan with "Romeo and Julie", and Betrayer with "Cinta Yang Kembali".

This episode marks the end of Season Three of New Music from Indonesia, and also is the last one hosted by Jason Tedjasukmana. All of us here at Equinox DMD give Jason a big shout out for all of his hard work promoting artists and music from Indonesia. Tune in next week for a new season, a new format, a new logo, a new host and a new audio engineer. 11:52, 5.6MB.

23 July 2007

Episode 73: Made J

One of Bali's best Blues guitarists, Made J, was in Bali recently and Mark managed to catch him his concert to launch the Alila Independent Selection Vol. 1. This concert was recorded and is now live on iTunes as well. Do check it out - it's an incredible (and rare) live recording. We feature two songs: "A Little More Time" and "Memphis Train". 11:52, 5.6MB.

16 July 2007

Episode 72: Bali Special

Thanks for all the great feedback on last week's live Navicula podcast - and since you want to hear even more music from the Island of the Gods we put together a special Bali episode featuring our latest acquisitions. Our featured artists this week are: Born by Mistake with "Acrimonious Hate", Di Ubud with "Ci Jelema Iri" and Telephone with "Kekalahanku". 13:51, 6.6MB.

09 July 2007

Episode 71: Navicula

This week Jason travels to Bali to attend the album launch of one of Bali's hottest bands, Navicula. Lead singer Robbie talks about the scene in Kuta amidst the all-night rock concert. We feature two songs performed live from their album "Beautiful Rebel": "Like a Motorbike" and "Mawar & Melati". (please note we are trying out our new Edirol recorder - it's really great when you get all the settings correct as we have since learned...) 14:50, 7.1MB.

02 July 2007

Episode 70: Surabaya Special

A few listeners have noticed that we have done specials on Yogyakarta and Bandung - but what about Indonesia's second largest city, Surabaya? As requested - here is the Surabaya Special. There is a lot going on in this bustling industrial city on Java's eastern coast and we feature three artists this week: Total Tragedy with "From the Time", Vox with "I'll See You", and Lovely Tea with "Train". 16:58, 8.1MB.

25 June 2007

Episode 69: Ricky Leonardi from Jazz Masa Kini

We have been flooded with requests to play more Jazz from Indonesia so we interviewed Berklee College of Music-educated Ricky Leonardi, the producer of "Jazz Masa Kini" about this 2006 release. We feature two songs: "Payung Fantasi" by Shelomita and the Opustre Big Band and "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am" by the Tomorrow People Ensemble. (note: apologies for the echo - we had to do this offsite and the conditions were less than perfect) 13:45, 6.6MB.

18 June 2007

Episode 68: Easy Listening Special

By now listeners to our weekly podcast realize our tendency to rock out on the show and this week we are going to mellow out with an Easy Listening special. Our three artists this week are La Luna with "Kalau Saja", Abdul with "Indah" and Sherina Munaf with "Better Than Love". 17:31, 8.4MB

11 June 2007

Episode 67: Retro Special

Calling all fans of 80s music: this is your episode. The genre is Retro and we still find it hard to believe that our iPods are crammed full of tunes from 20 years ago. Ouch. The genre is alive and well in Jakarta and this week we feature three artists: The Upstairs with "Frustrasi", The Adams with "Lega" and Naif with "Posesif". Put on those aviator sunglasses and paisley shirts and enjoy. 16:20, 7.8MB

04 June 2007

Episode 66: Sambasunda

Bamboo is one of the most prolific grasses known to man. You can build houses from it, make paper, provide a nice meal for panda bears, and you can use it as a musical instrument. The one band who has made bamboo music into an art form is Bandung-based Sambasunda. We have four albums from them live on iTunes, and feature three songs in this episode: "Bersama", "Munding Dorakala" and "Akida". We guarantee you will never look at bamboo the same again. 14:49, 7.1MB

22 May 2007

Episode 65: Hip Hop Special

Following up on last weeks' sleeper genre, Blues, this week we bring you another genre that is just starting to wake up. The genre is Hip Hop, and we feature three artists: Tere with "Kesepian Kita", Cronik with "Plat D" and Homicide with "Boombox Monger". Don't forget to check out our music videos in case you haven't yet: www.equinoxdmd.com/videos or www.youtube.com/equinoxdmd . 16:38, 7.9MB

14 May 2007

Episode 64: Gugun and the Bluesbug

Blues might be the sleeper genre amongst Indonesian music fans, but there is nothing but Vaughan and Hendrix coming from the fastest-growing Blues musician in town. 20-something Gugun is in the studio and we feature two songs: "Funky Pesta" and "Spinnin' Around Me". We also have the music video of "Funky Pesta" on our new video service - check it out at www.equinoxdmd.com/videos as well as www.youtube.com/equinoxdmd . 14:05, 7.1MB

07 May 2007

Episode 63: Nu Metal Special [enhanced]

Calling all fans of Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park - this episode is for you. The genre is Nu Metal and we take a look and listen to three of it's hottest bands. First off is The Postmen with "Anak Jalanan" from their 2006 release "Wake Up", then we have Saint Loco with "Promised Land" from Djarum Jam Session II, and lastly Recto-verso with "Tak Terpikirkan" from the "All for Djokdja" compilation. Don't forget we have just released our music video service - the first 12 are live on www.equinoxdmd.com/videos as well as www.youtube.com/equinoxdmd . 14:05, 7.1MB

27 April 2007

Episode 62: Nia Dinata on Berbagi Suami and Polygamy [enhanced]

We are breaking format a bit this week. Instead of interviewing a musician about their latest album, we go in a different direction and interview one of Indonesia's hottest film directors about her latest movie and it's soundtrack. Nia Dianta, critically-acclaimed director of "Berbagi Suami", talks with Jason about what she learned about polygamy in Indonesia while researching the film. Check out this important episode and listen to two songs from the OST "Pergi Tanpa Pesan" and "Aksi Kuching". Since we are on the topic of movies and videos, this is the perfect time to give you a sneak preview of our latest service, "New Music Videos from Indonesia" sponsored by LA Lights (we are officially launching the service on Tuesday 1 May). Check out the "Pergi Tanpa Pesan" music video (with clips from the film) and a bunch more on www.equinoxdmd.com/videos as well as www.youtube.com/equinoxdmd . 17:14, 8.7 MB

20 April 2007

Episode 61: Chrisye Tribute [enhanced]

The godfather of Indonesian pop, Chrisye, passed away on 30 March 2007 after 30 years in the business and 28 albums to his credit. We invited senior KOMPAS journalist, Frans Sartono, into the studio to learn more about this revered musician and the legacy he leaves for future generations in a special tribute episode of New Music from Indonesia. We feature two of his songs "Seperti Yang Kau Minta" and "Bur-Kat". 17:07, 8.5 MB

10 April 2007

Episode 60: Rock Special [enhanced]

Jason is solo in the studio this week and he put together a list of tunes from his favorite genre: Rock. We feature three bands this week: Bandung-based The S.I.G.I.T with "Black Amplifier", Bandung-based Dojihatori and "This Soul", and Gresik-based Candle Light with "Looking for Nothing". 14:07, 7 MB

30 March 2007

Episode 59: Aksan Sjuman [enhanced]

Our guest this week, percussionist extraordinaire Aksan Sjuman, began his career playing with artists such as Dewa, Melly Goeslaw, and Sheila Madjid before finding his groove in jazz. Aksan and Jason talk about his 2006 hit album "Peaceful Journey", his work on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "The Photograph" and training the future generation of Indonesian jazz drummers. We feature two songs: "Something Real" and "Love, Sadness and Happiness". 13:36, 6.8 MB.

23 March 2007

Episode 58: Natassa Jou Portier from LA Lights Indiefest [enhanced]

Natassa Jou Portier (Sassa) from LA Lights joins Jason in the studio this week to talk about their ground-breaking indie compilation album called "LA Lights Indiefest". 1400 bands from Yogya, Bandung and Surabaya tried out to make it on this compilation and only 12 made it. Listen to Sassa talk about the process and their promotional plans for this great album. We feature three songs: "Shane" by Vincent Vega, "Kiss the Pain Away" by Hollywood Nobody and "Cerpen" by Gerbang. 16:04, 7.9 MB

18 March 2007

Episode 57: Kiki Marino from CANNONBALL [enhanced]

This week we were fortunate to get an out-of-town guest in the studio: Kiki Marino, drummer of the Yogyakarta-based "alternative soundtrack rock" band CANNONBALL. Kiki was in town promoting their debut EP and listen to him discuss the indie scene in Yogya and why they are breaking the mold - in both music and fashion. We feature two songs: "Kemarin" and "Why He, Why Me". 16:09, 8.2 MB

09 March 2007

Episode 56: Pop Special [enhanced]

Well, it's official. We now have 300 CDs live on iTunes and available for purchase in 22 countries. It's a big collection and grows every day. One genre that we get all the time and keeps...umm...brace for the pun...popping up is Pop music. Jason's first instinct is to immediately file it away somewhere behind his stereo, but he does actually review each and every album we put live on iTunes and on EquinoxDMD.com. And it's good that he does because he has discovered some real gems and we feature three of them this week: "Terpanah Asmara" by Citra Bunga Lestari, "I Can't Marry You" by Stereomantic and "Merindukanmu" by Minoru. 16:55, 8.4 MB

04 March 2007

Episode 55: EXCLUSIVE Interview in English with Ahmad Dhani

Every once in a while there comes an opportunity you can't pass up. Last week, Jason managed to get the first ever (we think) live interview in English with one of the biggest stars in Indonesia today: Ahmad Dhani. The interview took place on the balcony of Dhani's house in South Jakarta while he was taking a break between rehearsal sessions with his newest venture called The Rock. Listen to Dhani explain the different direction he is taking with this group and his thoughts on topics ranging from looking after his three sons to religious pluralism in Indonesia. Definitely an episode not to be missed. We feature two songs from his solo album released in 1998: "Distorsi" and "Aku Cinta Kau dan Dia". 18:54, 9.4 MB

22 February 2007

Episode 54: Renhat Pantro Sukma from SOULJAH [enhanced]

We are very excited to have recently added a new genre of music to our growing collection: reggae. While there isn't a whole lot of reggae coming out of this island nation, our guest this week produces some of the best around. Renhat, the bassist from Souljah, joins Jason in the studio to discuss the reggae scene and why playing heavy metal in Hawaii has helped him get his groove on. We feature two songs: "I'm Free" and "The Nation". 14:46, 7.4 MB

16 February 2007

Episode 53: Yogya Special [enhanced]

Yogyakarta, often considered the cradle of Javanese culture, is also home to some of the hottest indie bands in Indonesia. In this episode we look at three of them: Seek Six Sick with "Asing", Airport Radio from the new LA Lights Indiefest compilation with "Shattered Life" and lastly Shaggydog with their Ska/reggae number "Pesta". If you liked this podcast, stay tuned for our upcoming Bali special as well as a new videocast that's gonna knock your socks off. 14:54, 7.46 MB

09 February 2007

Episode 52: Acum from BANGKUTAMAN [enhanced]

The summer of love is alive and well in Jakarta with the folk rock band Bangkutaman. Acum, lead singer and bassist, joins Jason in the studio this week to discuss the band's influences from The Byrds to The Beatles and the challenges of being an indie band in Jakarta. We feature two songs: "She Burns the Disco" and "Satellite" from their debut album "Ready, Steady, Go!" - available exclusively on iTunes. 14:07, 7.12 MB

02 February 2007

Episode 51: Sujiwo Tejo [enhanced]

It is quite a special occasion when a full-fledged dalang (Javanese shadow puppet master) joins us in the studio. Sujiwo Tejo - singer, actor, writer and of course dalang - talks with Jason about two of his songs "Nadian" and "Hujan Deras" in our longest podcast to date. Not only will you learn something about Mas Tejo and his music, you will also learn a thing or two about Javanese culture. Enjoy. 21:39 10.8 MB.

26 January 2007

Episode 50: World Music Special [enhanced]

"World music" is quite a complicated musical genre in that nearly everything from non-Western countries is lumped into it regardless of how the music actually sounds. We have put together our own World music special this week to demonstrate how we classify the genre. Jason features three separate artists: the up-and-coming dangdut singer Rere, the funky bamboo-playing West Java group Sambasunda and the famous Ubiet performing one of her haunting solos. 13:01, 6.6 MB

Further to our competition last week, we are pleased to report that 22-year old Eugenio Jaenada from Barcelona, Spain won the iTunes gift voucher for correctly naming all the lovely ladies from Bandung we have had on the show. Eugenio works in an ad agency on The Diagonal and has been listening to the New Music from Indonesia podcast for the past six months. Nice work Eugenio and enjoy the music.

19 January 2007

Episode 49: Tony Prabowo [enhanced]

Welcome to season three of New Music from Indonesia. In keeping with the title of the podcast, we are pleased to bring you something really new from Indonesia. Tony Prabowo, Indonesia's most famous contemporary conductor, joins Jason in the studio to talk about his album "A Prayer for Refuge". Tony muses on the complications in performing his work - have a listen to the two songs and we're pretty sure you will figure out why. Tony also discusses working with Juilliard and his upcoming performances in New Zealand and Japan. 12:10, 6.2 MB.

Further to last week's giveaway of a USD 10 voucher for iTunes - sorry to report that no one seems to either know the answer or wants some free music of your choice. Anyway - let's try this again: Which three ladies from Bandung have we had in the studio for a podcast so far? It's not a trick question - but you will have to do a little research. Send your answer by email to info [at] equinoxdmd.com and we will let you know the winner next week.

12 January 2007

Episode 48: Best of Bandung [enhanced]

The mountain town of Bandung in West Java is known for many things: a cool climate, cheap jeans, beautiful women and the birthplace of some of Indonesia's best musicians. We thought of doing a show on the lovely ladies of Bandung but since this is a music podcast we decided to play it safe and focus on the musicians. Jason pays tribute to three of these bands: Polyester Embassy, Cupumanik and Naff and we play one song from each. 15:48, 7.9 MB.

Come to think of it, we have had quite a few lovely ladies (who are also musicians) from Bandung already appear on this podcast. Can you remember all of them? If you can, send us an email with their names to info [at] equinoxdmd.com and we'll send a $10 iTunes gift certificate to the winner. We'll announce the lucky guy or gal in next week's podcast.

Lastly - this episode 48 marks the end of season 2 of New Music from Indonesia. Big thanks to DF and FW at Djarum for sticking with us this long and staying on board for season 3.

05 January 2007

Episode 47: Gita Wirjawan from Omega Pacific [enhanced]

The multi-talented and multi-careered Gita Wirjawan joins us in the studio this week. While he runs a big investment bank during the day, at night he puts his musical and managerial talents to work in running local jazz label Omega Pacific Productions. Listen to Gita talk about his early days studying music, his role in CHEROKEE and BALI LOUNGE and future plans for his label. We feature two outstanding tracks: "Roll it!" and "Something's Wrong". 18:47, 9.3 MB.

29 December 2006

Episode 46: New Year's Eve Dance Special [enhanced]

What could be a better way to celebrate the New Year than with a special Dance episode of New Music from Indonesia? While I am putting up the strobe lights and disco ball in the studio, Jason has prepared three songs to make sure the party doesn't stop: DJ Riri's "True Dimension", DJ Anton's "Underground Trash" and Electronic Groove's "I Don't Wanna". Have a great one everybody and catch you in the New Year. 14:06, 7.4 MB.

22 December 2006

Episode 45: Christmas Special [enhanced]

It's that time of year again and we decided to celebrate with a special Christmas episode of New Music from Indonesia. We recently acquired a large catalog of traditional music from label Gema Nada Pertiwi and were very happy to find a whole bunch of Christmas songs inside. We feature local renditions of two international favorites: "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" from "Bamboo for Christmas" and "Silent Night" from "Christmas in Bali" and one local Batak song "Marolopolop Hamu, Ale (Full of Joy)" from "Christmas in Toba". Hope you enjoy it and the very best Christmas wishes from all of us at Equinox DMD. 12:32, 6.52 MB.

15 December 2006

Episode 44: Andrini [enhanced]

Jakarta-born and New York-based ballad singer Andrini is in town this month promoting her debut album "Waiting for Tomorrow" and we managed to get her into the studio for a lively chat about her songs, inspirations and most importantly her love life. We feature two songs: her hit single "So in Love" and "Waiting for Tomorrow". 17:48, 8.9 MB.

10 December 2006

Episode 43: Soundtrack Special [enhanced]

The typical Indonesian movie usually has something to do with the supernatural (graveyards, haunted houses, ghosts etc.) but when you look a little deeper there are some real gems to be found. This episode features two movies, "Berbagi Suami" and "Janji Joni" and one play, "Gallery of Kisses". While you can't download the full movie yet, you can sample and purchase their incredible soundtracks on iTunes. Jason features three songs in this special episode: "Bengawan Solo" by Sore from "Berbagi Suami", "(I Got) Johnny in my Head" by Teenage Death Star from "Janji Joni" and "No Questions, No Answers" by Sujiwo Tejo and Syaharani from "Gallery of Kisses".

A little secret: We might have the opportunity to distribute full-length movies through iTunes in the future. If you think this is a good idea - do leave a comment or send us an email to info [at] equinoxdmd.com. 15:41, 8.1 MB.

02 December 2006

Episode 42: Ritz from EVACUATE COWBOYS [enhanced]

Eastern Promise Bar and Restaurant in South Jakarta is quickly becoming the place for Jakarta's indie bands to play. Jason discovered one them a few months back and knew we had to get these guys on iTunes and in the studio for a podcast. Ritz from EVACUATE COWBOYS talks about the Australian formation of their band and the god-like influence of Maynard James Keenan. We feature two songs: "Kematian Nurani" and "Fatamorgana" from their 2006 debut album "Hena". 16:29, 8.4 MB.

24 November 2006

Episode 41: Rafly from KANDE [enhanced]

Rafly, the "Voice of Aceh" is the featured artist this week. While extremely popular in his native province, Rafly and his group, KanDe, aren't yet well known around the rest of the country. Be that as it may, we are certain that his haunting melodies and foot-thumping beats will surely find a place not just in Indonesia but also on the world stage. We play two songs from his newly-released album Meuköndroë: "Rapa'i" and "Tree". 14:17, 7.6 MB.

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17 November 2006

Episode 40: PETERPAN [enhanced]

The most popular band in Indonesia, peterpan, is the featured artist this week. While we couldn't get them in the studio, Jason presents his take on the meteoric rise of this Bandung-based band. We feature three songs from two of their bestselling albums: "Sahabat", "Ada Apa Denganmu", and "Mimpi Yang Sempurna". 16:13, 8.2 MB

10 November 2006

Episode 39: Aghi from APE ON THE ROOF [enhanced]

Aghi Narottama from Ape on the Roof, one of the hottest acts in Jakarta these days, joins Jason in the studio to discuss the formation of his band and his self-styled genre "eclectic". We feature two songs from their recently released album "Ape-O-Lution": "Overture" and "The Welder". As an added bonus we are including their brand new music video "Everybody Wants to be a DJ". 15:54, 8.1MB

03 November 2006

Episode 38: Rendra from KAIMSASIKUN [enhanced]

Drummer Rendra from the Bali/Jakarta rock band KAIMSASIKUN joins Jason in the studio this week to discuss influences in their music as well as the stranger-than-fiction meaning behind their name. It's hilarious - you must hear it yourself. We feature two songs from their self-titled debut album: "Laugh At" and "Minor". 16:41, 8.4MB

29 October 2006

Episode 37: DEWA [enhanced]

Few bands have influenced the course of pop music in Indonesia as much as DEWA. Since their inception in Surabaya in the late 1980s, the band has become a household name and spawned numerous imitators. Their sound is fresh and their talent is immense, and that's why we are pleased to have a special podcast tribute just for them. We feature three of their bestselling songs: "Kirana", "Separuh Nafas" and "Dua Sedjoli". 18:47, 9.6MB

20 October 2006

Episode 36: Shoegazer Special featuring KUBIK, LAIN and FRIDAY [enhanced]

While each of these bands sound quite different, they all fall into a loosely-defined music genre called "shoegaze". Wikipedia says shoegaze is "characterised by a self-deprecating, introspective, non-confrontational feel" - ummm, ok. But we just dig the music. So much that we feature three bands this week: Bandung-based KUBIK with "Sun Grows Cold", Seattle/Jakarta-based LAIN with "Veteran Traveler" and Surabaya-based FRIDAY with "Sitting on Anything Cold." Does it sound introspective? You be the judge and keep those comments coming. 14:05, 7.2MB

13 October 2006

Episode 35: Gian-Luigi Sorcinelli and DJ Anton from THE JUNCTION BALI [enhanced]

The summer of 2006 was a hot one in Indonesia, especially in Bali, where house music fans from around the world gathered for The Junction Bali. The last week of August saw thousands turn out for four consecutive days of parties, workshops, interactive art sessions and of course the sounds of some the biggest names in the business like DJ Kaori, DJ Mandrax, DJ Gregory and many more. DJ Anton, the granddaddy of the Indonesian house scene, was also on the decks, getting much respect from a crowd that he helped bring together as one of the festival’s founders along with Gian Luigi Sorcinelli. The Junction Choice Album features tracks provided by Europe’s top DJs exclusively for iTunes and for those who want to remember one of the steamiest summers in Bali on record.

DJ Anton and Gian-Luigi join Jason in the studio and we feature two songs: "Jealousy" by Martin Solveig and "Yalopa" by Julien Jabre. 14:31, 7.6MB

06 October 2006

Episode 34: Taba Ade Yusuf from PESTOLAER [enhanced]

Call it a classic tale of rock n roll disaster. The guys known as PESTOLAER (or squirt gun) could not put out the flames when their studio was engulfed in the May 1998 riots that led to the ouster of former President Suharto. Lost were the masters of their first two albums but their perseverance remained. Seven years and four presidents later, the group in its latest incarnation came out with "Tribute For You," a kaleidoscope of psychedelic sounds recalling the early Manchester days of the Charlatans, Stone Roses and Happy Mondays. Only 1,000 cassettes were released but a special edition has been remastered exclusively for iTunes. Lead singer Taba joins Jason in the studio and we feature two songs: "Tribute for You" and "New Decade". 16:07, 8.1 MB.

28 September 2006

Episode 33: Turi Ismanto from PENDULUM [enhanced]

One of our best-selling bands on iTunes, PENDULUM, is this week's featured artist. Turi Ismanto, the lead guitarist, joins Jason to talk about their new-found fame and their particular style of progressive rock. As usual we feature two songs: the heavy-hitting "Magic Mirror" and the more laid-back "Composition #9". Read more about Pendulum on www.EquinoxDMD.com/pendulum. 14:37, 7.3 MB.

22 September 2006

Episode 32: Eka Annash from THE BRANDALS [enhanced]

Eka Annash, vocalist for the indie rock band THE BRANDALS, joins Jason in the studio for a preview of their recently-(re)released self-titled debut album. Their provocative, disorderly and, some might say, lewd behavior on stage earned the band a reputation that spread beyond their home base of Jakarta, and even further now that their album is on iTunes. We feature two songs "Marching Menuju Maut" and "Stone Travel". 18:39 9.5MB

16 September 2006

Episode 31: Adoy from COZY STREET CORNER

This week we are back in the studio with Adoy from the pop/world music band COZY STREET CORNER. Cozy Street Corner's unique sound led to a number of reviews that described their sound as everything from "Indonesian folk" and "easy listening" to ethnic and "musik alam", or natural music. Decide for yourself with the two songs featured this week: "Hutan Hujan" and "Punyaku Sendiri". 16:43, 8.4 MB

09 September 2006

Episode 30: Dita and Iyub from SANTAMONICA live at the Jakarta Convention Center [enhanced]

As promised, we are back with a really special episode. This is the first time we have recorded a podcast outside our studio and we think we nailed it. Jason interviews Dita and Iuyb from the hot indie pop band SANTAMONICA live from the Jakarta Convention Center for Indocomtech 2006. Edi Taslim from CHIP Indonesia came up with the idea a few weeks ago and once Dita and Iyub agreed we were good to go. As usual we feature two songs: "Anais Lullaby" and "Sought and Found" from their EP entitled REMINISCE 189. A very special thanks to Edi from CHIP Indonesia and especially Pak Ian from MSI who let us hijack his center-stage for the recording. 18:19, 9.5 MB

01 September 2006

Episode 29: ROCK featuring Plastik, Koil and Tengkorak [enhanced]

And third time's the charm...seems that our fans can't get enough of New Music from Indonesia so we brought Jason back in the studio alone to have a special rock 'n roll podcast...and we are trying something a bit different with the format. If you notice this podcast is an enhanced version with album art as well as hyperlinks to the band's page. Unfortunately these features only work in iTunes so if you are using another podcatching program you are missing out. Jason features PLASTIK and "Harus Mulai Darimana", KOIL "Apa Yang Kita Percaya" and TENGKORAK "Pemimpin Gila". Next week we are doing something REALLY different so check back and let us know what you think. 14:20, 13.6 MB

25 August 2006

Episode 28: Cherry Bombshell, The Adams, Pop Minor and J-Rocks

Following the great response to last week's episode, we decided to keep Jason alone in the studio again. This week Jason visits the booming alternative scene and we feature FOUR new artists: CHERRY BOMBSHELL performing "Kesepian Semu", THE ADAMS performing "Konservatif", POP MINOR performing "Lewat Tengah Malam" and J-ROCKS performing "Topeng Sahabat". Also, we are happy to announce that ALL of our music is now available on iTunes Japan and Australia - for a total of 21 countries. Thanks for all of your great feedback and keep it coming. 22:05, 12.7 MB

18 August 2006

Episode 27: Ebiet G. Ade, Chrisye and Naif

This week we feature three artists who haven't been able to make it into the studio: Ebiet G. Ade, Chrisye and Naif. We feature a song from each of them and as always, the full albums are available on iTunes. 15:51, 9.1 MB

11 August 2006

Episode 26: Tashea Delaney from PAIN KILLER

From Nike Ardila to Atiek CB, lady rockers have long had a special place in the history of rock in Indonesia. But did they really rock? Witness the new breed of female headbangers in Indonesia. While a band is always the sum of its parts, a strong lead singer always helps pave the way to greater fame. Featured artist Tashea Delaney showed a talent for guitar from early in her adolescence, which led her to form a cover band while she was still studying at the Jakarta International School. Now that she’s graduated, the teen sensation is fronting a powerful metal quartet called PAIN KILLER that is playing their own music and slowly emerging as a favorite at rock shows around the capital. In this podcast we feature two songs: "Ilusi" and "My Deceptions". 15:46, 9.2 MB

04 August 2006

Episode 25: Tompi

It’s hard to find a cosmetic surgeon that gets down and funky these days but some will drop the scalpel for a microphone when the feeling’s right. Fans of Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder will dig the soulful sounds of this favorite on the Jakarta club circuit. Tompi joins Jason in the studio to talk about his debut album and we feature two songs: "I Will Teach You How to Dance" and "Selalu Denganmu". 17:20, 10.1 MB

28 July 2006

Episode 24: Taufiqrahman on Dangdut

Following the great response to the keroncong podcast a few weeks ago, we decided to introduce another genre of Music from Indonesia: Dangdut. Yup, dangdut. For those who aren't familiar with the most popular musical form in Indonesia, we invited Taufiqrahman - one of the most senior music journalists in the country and dangdut junkie - into the studio to tell us all about it. We recently signed the largest dangdut label in the country, Ira Puspita, so there is a lot more to come. Featured artists are Meggi Z with "Aku Orang Tak Punya" and Taufiq's favorite Rita Sugiarto performing "Zaenal". See all the new music available on www.EquinoxDMD.com by clicking on the "Keroncong/Traditional" button on our home page.

This episode marks the end of the first season of New Music from Indonesia. That’s right – we have been producing and broadcasting this podcast for 24 consecutive weeks. In season two we will vary the format a bit with episodes like this one and podcasting from live shows as well as a few other surprises we have up our sleeve. Do let us know what you think by leaving a comment on www.equinoxdmd.com or on iTunes or send us an email at info@equinoxdmd.com. Last but not least we’d like to say a big thank you to the show’s sponsor, Djarum, for continuing their kind support for this show. 17:04, 9.9 MB

20 July 2006

Episode 23: Viky Sianipar on World Music

Viky Sianipar, one of Indonesia's most well known and progressive musicians, joins Jason in the studio to talk about his Batak/Indonesian fusion arrangements loosely classified as World Music. Viky discusses how he creates modern music while staying true to traditional forms. We feature two songs "Piso Surit" and the Celtic-inspired "Palti Raja" from Toba Dream 1. Check out more of his music on iTunes and read about him on www.EquinoxDMD.com or www.VikySianipar.com. 17:36, 10.2 MB

15 July 2006

Episode 22: Rita Lestariani

Another iTunes exclusive, full-time singer Rita Lestariani talks with Jason about her just-released album "Akhirnya" and her influences from singers like Edie Brickell and Alanis Morisette. Two songs are featured "Keraguan" and "Ku-Raih". No label has snatched her up yet, so if you like her sound let us know and we will put you in contact. 16:22, 9.4 MB

07 July 2006

Episode 21: Philip Yampolsky on Keroncong

Philip Yampolsky, Program Officer for Arts and Culture at the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and one of the world's most renowned Indonesian ethnomusicologists, introduces the genre of Keroncong in this episode. While the musical style and artists aren't exactly new, we figured they will be new to our listeners and hope you will enjoy this famous style of Indonesian traditional music. We feature two songs: "Moresko" by Toto Salmon and every Indonesian's favorite "Bengawan Solo" by the legendary Gesang. 19:04, 11.1 MB

29 June 2006

Episode 20: Lens Ter Wee from THE MISKINS

Lens Ter Wee, the frontman for the Jakarta-based MISKINS, joins Jason in the studio and talks about his humble beginnings as a musician in Holland and the real reason why his previous band Monkey Clit had to change their name. We feature their hit single "Discoland" from their debut album DON'T ASK WHY and Lens plays a special live version of "Last Night in BuGils" - a tribute to his favorite Jakarta bar. 15:43, 9 MB **EDITORS NOTE: We are including a bonus video of DISCOLAND in the next posting - it's hilarous and only 15 MB so download and enjoy.**

22 June 2006

Episode 19: Arina from MOCCA

Our guest today is 28-year-old Arina from the Bandung-based pop band MOCCA. Arina talks about the forming of her band and problems with toilets with too many buttons. MOCCA has toured regionally in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan and is one of our bestselling bands on iTunes. Jason features two songs: "Lucky Man" from FRIENDS, and "Happy" from UNTUK RENA. 16:35, 9.6 MB

16 June 2006

Episode 18: Dimas from EVERYBODY LOVES IRENE

Dimas, the bassist for one of the most promising new bands in Jakarta – Everybody Loves Irene – joins Jason in the studio to discuss why they have decided to only release their music on iTunes and not through the brick-and-mortar stores, despite having a fan base all over the world through myspace.com. We feature their single "MEMENTO MORI" - and if any labels out there like what they hear, let us know and we will put you in touch. 15:45, 9.1 MB

09 June 2006

Episode 17: Balawan

They call him "Magic Fingers", and during this podcast you will understand why. Balawan, a 32-year old jazz guitar player from Bali, joins Jason in the studio with his trademark double-necked guitar and plays a live version of "Juru Pencar" exclusive for our listeners. Balawan discusses playing in Europe and his fan base in Germany, Norway and the Netherlands. We also play "Kene Keto" from his debut album GLOBALISM. 14:52, 8.7 MB

02 June 2006

Episode 16: Hanin Sidharta from AKSARA RECORDS

Hanin Sidartha, one of the founders of Jakarta's leading indie label, AKSARA RECORDS, talks about the founding of the label as well as two of their artists: THE BRANDALS and their newly-released remastered album and "Ain't Nobody's Bitch"; as well as Indra Aziz's contribution to their modern jazz compliation JAZZ MASA KINI, "Jakarta City Blues". As Aksara was the first label to join Equinox DMD and iTunes, we would like to give big thank you to the boys for trusting us with their content. 18:21, 10.6 MB

26 May 2006

Episode 15: Tika

One of the hottest indie solo artists in Indonesia, Tika, joins Jason in the studio and talks about her musical pedigree and her newly-added EP to iTunes DEFROSTED LOVE SONGS. Listen to this ex-Seattle resident describe her song writing and why she's happy to be home. 19:11, 11.1 MB

19 May 2006

Episode 14: Oppie Andaresta

Folk singer Oppie Andaresta joins Jason in the studio to talk about song writing from the heart and her humble beginnings as a self-taught musician. As a special bonus, Oppie plays I FEEL - a single from her upcoming album LIVE in the studio. 15:31, 8.9 MB

13 May 2006

Episode 13: Oddie Octaviadi from SIC MYNDED

Oddie Octaviadi, the bilingual, bicoastal, bi-whatever self-proclaimed trash metal head is in the studio talking about his band SIC MYNDED and the ins and outs of the S&M scene in San Francisco. Definitely an episode not to be missed. 17:30, 10.2 MB

04 May 2006

Episode 12: Levi Gunardi on Classical Music

Equinox DMD currently has over 120 albums and 1300 tracks live on iTunes. Since we started selling in January this year, one artist has consistently held the number one spot. No, it's not peterpan and not Dewa. It is Levi Gunardi, a 29-year old classical pianist from Indonesia. His rendition of Liszt' Hungarian Rhapsody II has proven to be a top seller and we are taking a break from the indie music scene to present Levi in a very special podcast featuring classical music. Enjoy. 15:18, 8.9 MB

27 April 2006

Episode 11: Arian Arifin from SERINGAI (and Playboy Indonesia)

Arian Arifin is the lead singer from the heavy metal band SERINGAI and his day job is the deputy editor of Playboy Indonesia. Arian explains why SERINGAI has such a large and dedicated following in Jakarta, and going a little off-topic, describes the current problems of running a girlie magazine in the world's largest Muslim country. Definitely an episode not to be missed. Jason features two songs: "Akselerasi Maximum" from their album HIGH OCTANE ROCK, and a live version of "Skeptikal" from volume one of the Djarum Jam Session - both albums are live on iTunes. 18:45, 10.8 MB

20 April 2006

Episode 10: Lawrence Widarto from ELECTRONIC GROOVE

Lawrence Widarto aka DJ Random, one-half of the pioneering DJ dance duo ELECTRONIC GROOVE, muses on the contemporary dance scene in Jakarta and his hopes for Jakarta to become a center of original DJ tracks like London and New York. Two songs are featured: STAR OVERRATED and YOU'RE SO AMAZING. Check them out on www.EquinoxDMD.com or directly on iTunes. 14:58, 8.6 MB.

14 April 2006

Episode 9: Gilang Ramadhan from NERA

Jazz percussionist Gilang Ramadhan talks about his first time playing jazz in LA and the formation of his latest band, NERA. His featured track, COME HOME, audibly demonstrates why he (and everyone else) has such a hard time classifying his music. 15:35, 9MB

05 April 2006

Episode 8: Kurt Kaler on IWAN FALS

Kurt Kaler - a long time Jakarta resident and tour manager - talks about the Bob Dylan of Indonesian music: Iwan Fals. Kurt explains his popularity and impact of Iwan's music on millions of Indonesians, and features the hit song PESAWAT TEMPURKU. Check out Iwan's full biography on www.EquinoxDMD.com and two of his albums BEST OF THE BEST and IWAN FALS IN LOVE on iTunes. 19:23, 11.1MB

02 April 2006

Episode 7: Nasta Sutardjo from PARC

In episode 7, Jason interviews Nasta Sutardjo, the queen of Indonesia's indie scene and the co-founder of PARC, a small but influential bar in South Jakarta. From 2003 until early 2006 PARC became famous as a venue for independent musicians with their THURSDAY RIOT AT PARC nights. In this two year period, PARC hosted the event 56 times and had over 380 bands perform. Their compilation, THURSDAY RIOT AT PARC, features 17 artists including Bandung-based THE MILO and Yogyakarta-based SEEK SIX SICK, and is now available as the ideal Indonesian indie sampler exclusively on iTunes. 17:39, 10.1 MB.

24 March 2006

Episode 6: Juno Adhi from PARKDRIVE

Juno Adhi, a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, discusses the Brahmin beginnings of PARKDRIVE and his astonishment that his debut jazz/pop collection is the best selling album on iTunes for January 2006. 15:45, 9 MB.

16 March 2006

Episode 5: Marcel Thee from SAJAMA CUT

Jason interviews lead singer and songwriter Marcel Thee from Jakarta-based SAJAMA CUT. Marcel talks about his Japanese inspirations and global aspirations and two songs are featured: LESS AFRAID and FALLEN JAPANESE. 14:52, 8.7MB

10 March 2006

Episode 4: Dina Dellyana from HOMOGENIC

Jason talks with 21-year old Dina Dellyana from the hot Bandung electronica band, HOMOGENIC. Dina talks about her bands' influences and struggles, as well as their second album, ECHOES OF UNIVERSE...available exclusively on iTunes. 14:06, 8.1MB.

02 March 2006

Episode 3: Rudolf Dethu on Bali Bands

Jason and Rudolf Dethu - the godfather of the indie music scene in Bali - discuss why Bali indie music is so different from other parts of the country. Featured songs are "Miss Italiano" by THE HYDRANT and "Bebas" by THE POSTMEN. 14:28, 8.4MB. Next week Jason interviews Dina Dellyana, singer and songwriter from the Bandung-based electronica band HOMOGENIC. Check out their new album "Echoes of Universe" - available exclusively on iTunes. NOTE: Due to some recording complications, you might need to turn up the volume to clearly hear Jason and Dethu speaking. We figured out the problem and it will be fixed for next week's episode.

23 February 2006

Episode 2: Dewi Lestari and OUT OF SHELL

In this episode of New Music from Indonesia by Djarum, Jason interviews bestselling author and singer Dewi Lestari. Dewi talks about her books and debut solo album, OUT OF SHELL. This episode is 13 minutes 58 seconds long and is a 8.1 MB download. Next week Jason speaks with Rudolf Dethu about the thriving music scene in Bali.

15 February 2006

Episode 1: Ade Paloh from SORE

In this first episode of New Music From Indonesia by Djarum, host Jason Tedjasukmana gives an overview of the Indonesian indie music scene and interviews Ade Paloh from the band Sore. Jason also plays the hit single "Somos Libres" from their album CENTRALISMO. This podcast is 17 minutes, 24 seconds long and is a 10 MB download. Next week Jason speaks with Dewi Lestari about her books, her music, and her debut solo album, OUT OF SHELL - available exclusively on iTunes.