Ricardo (Ricky)
Born May 5. Other than SERINGAI, he is still known for his role as a guitarist and the main motor for a longtime hardcore band from Jakarta called Stepforward. He has played guitar since he was 15 and found his musical enlightenement after listening to KISS and Motley Crue during his childhood. He learned valuable lessons from Metallica, My Bloody Valentine and of course Black Sabbath. His distortion filled bluesy Sabbath guitar riffs have generated significant buzz in the Indonesian rock music scene. Give him a Gibson SG and a tube amp, and have a fire truck ready.
Born August 5, has been active in the Indonesian rock scene for years in his former band Puppen, which holds legendary status in the country's independent music scene. He discovered Number Of The Beast from Iron Maiden when he was still in 4th grade. Three years later Slayer's music got through to his playlist and life was never the same. To express his love for heavy music, he wrote a fanzine called Tigabelas and an indie label Parau. He once formed a side project band called Aparatmati which played fast thrash hardcore tunes. Arian has been consuming beer for 17 years.
Kemod (Domekide)
Born November 5. Has been playing music in rock bands since he was in 4th grade. At junior high school in the late eighties he formed a thrash metal band called Orion and played in underground gigs all over the city of Bandung. He joined Aparatmati, a short-lived thrashcore band. He eventually went into the recording studio after playing with SERINGAI. His career in a U2 cover band almost softened his love for metal, but that changed when SERINGAI came into his life.
Born March 15. Also worked as a broadcaster in a local radio station, and been good friends with the SERINGAI boys since day one. He started as a guitarist in some local bands but never got too serious. SERINGAI is his first serious band. He loves to roll up while listening to rock bands from Black Sabbath to The Used. Sammy is the youngest member in the group.

Arian13 and Ricky have been friends for years and that bond grew when Arian13 - then still in Puppen and Aparatmati - provided guest vocals on a track by Stepforward, Ricky's band. From there, they found more musical common ground and eventually decided to jam. The exact date is unclear, but what's certain is that SERINGAI was officially born in late 2001. Arian13 brought in Kemod, his drummer in Aparatmati, while Ricky drafted Toan, bassist of hardcore band Fall, whom he also used to hang out with at Kemang Skate Park. At first, they had no idea what kind of music they'd be playing, as long as it was different from what they usually did. As things started falling into place, they drew inspiration from the likes of Black Sabbath, Motorhead, the MC5 and Slayer, and songs began to emerge. Some people call SERINGAI a stoner rock band, a label they refuse because they feel their music is too aggressive to be considered thus. Some even call SERINGAI's music alcohol rock or drug metal, but what the hell. It's high octane rock, a hybrid of rock and metal. Heavy shit, in other words.

Among the first fruits of this heavy shit was Alkohol - which has become one of the main anthems at their shows - followed by Membakar Jakarta, Puritan and Akan Kuberikan Neraka. The first of what was soon to be many SERINGAI shows was at Buqiet Cafe, Bandung. At BB's Cafe, Jakarta - an instrumental venue in breaking local bands such as The Brandals, Killed By Butterfly, The Upstairs, Teenage Death Star, Devotion, Sugarstar and many more - they were even regarded as the unofficial home band, considering how often they played there.

Toan quit in August 2003 for unspecified reasons, but Sammy, an old friend of SERINGAI's, quickly filled the void. Sammy had to learn their songs at maximum acceleration because they were already booked for many shows.

In November 2003, SERINGAI finally entered Doors studio in Jakarta to record some demos. Since everyone has day jobs, the recording took quite a while, but they got it done in the end. Puritan and Membakar Jakarta gained some radio airplay, with the latter even getting a lot of requests.

In 2004, SERINGAI released their debut mini album, featuring five heavy-as-fuck tracks. The album was titled "High Octane Rock". It turned out they received good reviews from the local media. They managed to sell more than 15,000 cassettes on their own label Parau Records. They have just released the EP in CD format with a major label distribution effort from Universal Music. They are also in the studio recording material for their second album due out early 2006.


• Album "High Octane Rock"
Digital version w/ bonus tracks
Skeptical, Serigala Militia
(Parau/Equinox DMD, 2006)

• Album "High Octane Rock"
CD version, limited to 2000 copies
(Parau/Off The Records, 2005)

• Singles Satu Sisi & Menyerang
and Lencana
From "12:00 AM" soundtrack
(Explosive Records, 2005)

• Single Skeptikal
From "Catatan Akhir Sekolah"
(FastForward Records, 2005)

• Mini-album "High Octane Rock"
Cassette version
10,000 copies sold out
(Parau/Resswara Records, 2004)

• Demo album "Alkohol"
For Ripple Magazine
(Spills Records, 2003)


High Octane Rock

  1. Lycanthropia Part 1
  2. Puritan
  3. Alkohol
  4. Akselerasi Maksimum
  5. Membakar Jakarta
  6. Lencana
  7. Lycanthropia Part 2
  8. Skeptikal
  9. Serigala Militia

Djarum Jam Session:
Live at Barbados

  1. Intro-Resistance-Disclaimer
    The Postmen
  2. Anak Jalanan
    The Postmen
  3. Boom
    The Postmen
  4. #13
    The Postmen
  5. Intro-Rasa Takut Adalah Seni
  6. Apa yang Kita Percaya
  7. Dosa Ini Tak Akan Berhenti
  8. Arsitek
  9. Hiburan Ringan Part 1
  10. Karat
  11. Membakar Jakarta
  12. Psikadelia Disko Doom
  13. Amplifier
  14. Alkohol
  15. Skeptikal/ Akselerasi Maksimum