After putting out seven albums it was not surprising that this band became one of the best selling on its label. What did shock fans, however, was their decision to change personnel at the height of their popularity. Could they maintain the momentum? "We're optimistic," answers vocalist Andre Taulany. He was right and the new lineup managed to sell more than 75,000 albums before they had even released their album. The group stayed with the same ballad format and kept the sound easy listening and romantic. A formula, perhaps, but one that has proven to work in this country perpetually on the edge of some kind of strife. "Indonesia needs love," adds Andre. "And isn't love what sells the best."


• Album "The Best of Stinky"
(Bulletin Musik, 2002)

The Best of Stinky
  1. Mungkinkah
  2. Jangan Tutup Dirimu
  3. Cinta Suci
  4. Seperti Janji Kita
  5. Rindu/Dia
  6. Kaulah Yang Pertama
  7. Tiada Lagi
  8. Permata Hati
  9. Pesonamu
  10. Cinta Pertama
  11. Kuserahkan
  12. Ku Ingin
  13. Biru Hati
  14. Sebelum Kau Kembali