Ombat Nasution



Bonny Sidharta

The music of this Jakarta-based band is a full-frontal assault on the senses while the lyrics and song titles never fall short of agitated provocation. With titles like Pemimpin Gila (Crazed Leaders), Official Lies and Dying Poor, lead singer Ombat rails against the many injustices of Indonesian society – a trait perhaps compounded by his day job as a lawyer. Deep beneath the unintelligible growls lie a healthy dose of skepticism, disbelief and anger. With veteran grindcore outfit Napalm Death as one of their main influences, it is no surprise that TENGKORAK (or Skull) has attracted a fanatical following of young extreme metal fans that hang on every word of this charismatic frontman. After 13 years in the business, the band has stretched the duration of its songs from 30 second bursts of rage to three-minutes of guitar fury and growling but the intensity remains the same. “Darurat Sipil” (or Civil Emergency), their last full-length release in 2002, is a powerful commentary on the hypocrisy of the status quo and a reminder that some of today’s youth is ready to fight back.


• Single Mass Forgiveness
From "Extreme Maniac" compilation
(RPM & Sebelas April Records, 2006)

• VCD "Release From Suffering"
(Sebelas April Records, 2005)

• Single Disgusting Agenda
From "Metal Maniac" compilation
(Sebelas April Records, 2005)

• Single Back From The Dead
From "Tribute to Death" compilation
(Amonra Records, 2004)

• Mini-album "Lunatic Leader"
(Sebelas April Records, 2003)

• Album "Darurat Sipil"
(HemaSwara, 2002)

• Single Evil Made The Bomb
From "Panggilan Pulau Puaka 5"
(Psychic Scream Records, 2001)

• Album "Konsentrasi Massa"
(HemaSwara, 1999)

• Single Rusuh
From "Metalik Klinik 2" compilation
(Rotorcorp & Musica Studio's, 1998)

• Single Konflik
From "Metalik Klinik 1" compilation
(Rotorcorp & Musica Studio's, 1997)

• Mini-album "It’s A Proud to Vomit Him"
(Sebelas April Records, 1996)

Darurat Sipil
  1. Pemimpin Gila
  2. Darurat Sipil
  3. Teroris
  4. Bleeding Democracy
  5. F*uck Your Soul
  6. Dying Poor
  7. Efek Adiktif
  8. Official Lies
  9. Corrupting the Nation Arrested Development
  10. Losing Your Mind
  11. Diskriminasi Harta
  12. Political Scum
  13. Outro (Agenda Kapitalis)


Konsentrasi Massa
  1. Oknum
  2. Asap Tebal
  3. Bencana Moral
  4. Bisnis Ejakulasi
  5. Cacat Politik
  6. Chaos or Riot
  7. Diskriminasi
  8. Polemik
  9. Dosa Keluarga
  10. Gawean Reget
  11. Disgusting Brind (Aztec)
  12. Kemelut
  13. Konsentrasi Massa
  14. Penjilat
  15. Dogma
  16. Prestasi Gila
  17. Primitive Jokes
  18. Propaganda
  19. Spekulasi Bisnis
  20. Buruh
  21. Outro