Vocals, guitars
Vocals, guitars
Vocals, bass


The S.I.G.I.T

The buzz surrounding this band from Bandung was as much a product of their live performances as the blanket coverage they received in the music press – and all before they had even released an album. Now, with the long-anticipated release of their debut album, The S.I.G.I.T have proven that all the hype was well-deserved. “Visible Idea of Perfection” pays homage to the classic rock of Aerosmith and the Detroit sound of the Von Bondies fused with a raw enthusiasm that only kids just out of college can produce. The year 2007 may be the year that garage rock seizes the mantle from the dinosaurs and returns it to the kretek-stained fingers of the masses.


• Album "Visible Idea of Perfection"
(FFWD Records, 2006)

Visible Idea of Perfection

  1. Black Amplifier
  2. Horse
  3. No Hook
  4. New Generation
  5. Nowhere End
  6. Live In New York
  7. Clove Doper
  8. Soul Sister
  9. Save Me
  10. Let It Go
  11. All The Time
  12. Alright
  13. Satan State
  14. Provocateur