Viky Sianipar
Composer, arranger
Place/ Date of Birth
Jakarta/ June 26, 1976
Viky Sianipar

This Batak native started studying music when he was six years old. After studying classical piano and guitar into his teen years, he discovered his true love of new age and world music. He ditched his job in the family business and in 2002 began dedicating himself to music full time. In his last four albums, the multi-talented composer has created music inspired by the music of north Sumatra, the birthplace of his ancestors. He is driven to learn and experiment with Batak music and instruments while updating their sound with modern keyboards and electronics. He continues to collaborate with Batak musicians in his state of the art studio in Jakarta, where he hopes to produce other groups dedicated to promoting and modernizing the traditional sounds of Indonesia.


• Album "Viky Sianipar Featuring
Dipo Pardede"
(MS Productions, 2006)

• Album "Datanglah KerajaanMu"
(MS Productions, 2005)

• Album "Toba Dream II - Didia Ho"
(MS Productions, 2003)

• Album "Toba Dream"
(MS Productions, 2002)

Indonesian Beauty
  1. Es Lilin (feat. Ani Sukmawati)
  2. Sing Sing So (feat. Lea Simanjuntak)
  3. Ngarep Gestung Api Bas Lau (feat. Tio Fanta Pinem)
  4. Gondrang (feat. Kiki Dunung)
  5. Dara Muluk (feat. Sujiwo Tejo)
  6. Mardalan Ahu (feat. Korem Sihombing)
  7. Horas Banyuwangi (feat. Kiki Dunung)
  8. Bubuy Bulan (feat. Deasy Puspitasri)
  9. Journey to Deli (feat. Tengku Ryo Rizqan)
  10. Suara Suling (feat. Sujiwo Tejo)
  11. Indonesia Pusaka (feat. Rebecca Leuwol)

Toba Dream 2

1. Beta Hita
2. Didia Ho
3. Argado Bona Ni Pinasa
4. Dijou Au Mulak
5. Taringot Ahu
6. Kacang Koro
7. Tongging Hill
8. Posni Uhur
9. Terang Bulan
10. O Tao Toba

Toba Dream 1

1. Toba Smile part 1
2. Tano Batak
(featuring Tetty Manurung
& Victor Hutabarat)
3. Serma Dengan-Dengan
(featuring Mega
4. Piso Surit (featuring
Mega sihombing)
5. Cikala Pongpong
6. Ansideng Ansidoding
(featuring Nahum
7. Tano Toba (featuring
Mega Sihombing)
8. Palti Raja
(featuring Maylaffayza)
9. Tao Toba
(featuring Tetty Manurung
& Johnson Hutagalung)
10. Kacang Koro (featuring
Mega Sihombing)
11. Tortorhon (featuring
Mega Sihombing)
12. Toba Smile part 2
13. Pos ni Uhur
(bonus track)
14. Kacang Koro
(bonus track)